What exactly is VPN?

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In recent months, there has been much commotion about the virtual private network (VPN or VPN, Virtual Private Network English). This technology has even carved a niche between home routers, and some of them even use hardware-accelerated encryption. Therefore, what the VPN and why we need them? We will try to explain it without falling in too many technicalities.

What are the VPN?

Unfortunately, there is a specific definition of VPN, or even in the manuals. They say that its meaning is unclear: VPN stands for Virtual Private Network (VPN or virtual private network), in Spanish. Very well, really? We do have clear the meaning of “red” in this case.

Also understand what means “private”, i.e., “not public”. In other words, it is of a network selective that accepts only nodes with certain permissions.

Firstly, anyone accessing this private network and all the information that is shared in this, should be labelled in order to differentiate the users own the network and internal information. Second, encrypt this information is something crucial.

Thirdly, it is necessary to maintain the integrity of this private connection, by which must not be allowed access to this network any external person, messages must come from reliable sources, and information can never be leaked in plaintext. Basically it’s a matter of privacy, and is implemented in certain circles, deprived of the rich and famous. It seems that everyone has heard of this, however, no one knows really what it is.

In terms of “Virtual”, it is quite simple. Means that the network is an abstract concept, which does not belong to the plane physical (network does not consider the number of channels used, works in a transparent and integral to all those who have access). On the other hand, in the majority of cases, the virtual network does not belong to the owner of the physical network.

For example, any reputable company will need to use a computer or a mobile device with connection to the network, either wired or wireless, to gain access to the corporate network by using VPN connection only. Not matter how is establishes this connection, in the most of them cases, is used connections public that does not belong to the company. These connections are called “tunnels”, stay with this concept, since we will use it several times throughout this post.

Why are VPNS necessary?

The case that we have mentioned on a remote computer connected to the corporate network is one of the most widespread cases in practical use of VPNS. The user feels at home (or, to be more precise, on the job while is at home, on holiday or on a business trip) and you can easily access information and corporate services.

On the other hand, enterprises aware security VPN is enabled by default on all devices used by employees. Even you access Internet through the corporate network, closely monitored by the Department of safety.

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