What works and what doesn’t on Instagram in 2015

What works and what doesn't on Instagram in 2015

The easiest way to build a meaningful Instagram page for your business, is to move your products or services in the focus. Choose from beautiful product photos or Scan them yourself.

That you need for this strategy no glossy photos followerzone dot com, the drugstore chain dm shows quite impressively. On his Instagram page dm posting regularly new toiletries or the season matching cosmetic products. And the comments under the pictures are proof enough that this strategy may increase the willingness to buy.

And creative, service provider or artisan of any kind will benefit from this strategy. Tell in images, as you work at a job or see the end result. Even before / after photos arrive always good. The goal is to provide your expertise and your work showcased to convince potential customers of your skills. How to build a connection to them, long before a collaboration is created ig followers.

The freelance illustrator and graphic designer Susanne Hiepler likes to show her art at Instagram. The Bonnerin noticed a phenomenon: If you are “professionally” active in Instagram’s own work is discovered by people who would not otherwise get the idea to look for it. “I often get Likes and comments from people without any artistic talent,” she says. Do you think the users the Instagram photo set with a lifestyle equal to – and I like them.

The advantage of this strategy is the relatively simple implementation. With few exceptions, they can be used by almost any company or self-employed. However, one must make sure that the Instagram page is not too monotonous we made a list of trustable providers where you can purchase followers for your Instagram account.

Build up your Instagram account like a brand

Similar to the first strategy also play the products the most important role. However, it goes one step further and not only shows the product alone, but puts it into context. It is therefore not merely advertised a product, but a whole lifestyle. If i was in your position i would think about where to buy cheap ig followers for your account. In contrast to strategy 1, here are high quality images that convey positive feelings, very important. The idea: Also you can be part of this incredibly great community. The only requirement is to have our products.

This strategy is particularly well suited for companies in the fashion and lifestyle sector. Some successful examples of this are the Instagram pages of Nike and Adidas.

Even smaller companies order to find ways to implement this strategy Instagram. For example Allyouneedfresh.de, one of the first online supermarket in Germany. The company attaches great importance to fresh and local produce – but upload pictures of food in a day Instagram, the page would be quickly look for a discount catalog. That is why the social media team takes a different approach and post beautiful pictures of delicious foods, often with the right recipe to. This not only looks beautiful, but also brings a real added value for the user.

“We want to show how quickly and easily can be varied, healthy diet,” says Franziska Przymusinski, social media manager at Allyouneedfresh.de. “In addition, this content strategy offers the opportunity to playfully and visually attractive display the breadth of our product range, and to convey it a certain lifestyle and Insights in the company,” said the expert Kim Kardashian kauft Followers aus followerkaufen24.de.